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2006/11/23  WUOC’06 Report and Photos UP!

I update WUOC reports written by Japanese and WUOC photos. The report is HERE. The photos are HERE.

Check them!!



I took a graduation trip to Malaysia in March.

That was my first trip to Southeast Asia.

I enjoyed snorkeling, wakeboarding, and trekking.


So many pictures of that.

Borneo & Mt.Kinabalu Photos.


2006/10/20 Hasetsune 2006 has over!

I ran Hasetsune 2006 on 8th and 9th Oct.

It was so exciting!! I want to try again next year.

The result is here and this is MY REPORT.


2006/08/01  WUOC will come soon!

I will go to Slovakia for World University Orienteering Championships on 11th August. Check WUOC2006 website.

I start new blog. Please see new My life. The old version is Here.


2006/01/01  A Happy New Year!!


The year 2005 has gone. The new year 2006 starts! I ran with my parents and Peat(LabradorRetriever) in the morning. The sky is so clear, no wind, It’s a so nice day for the start of 2006. I update a few photos running with Peat here.


2005/12/03  WOC2008 website and a few notes

One of the biggest target for me is WOC2008 in Czech Republic. I found the website. Check it!

Yoko Bamba who is the first semi-pro orienteer in JAPAN starts her new life in Tokyo. In her personal site, you can read her thoughts and reports. Check her site and stay tuned !!

Now I’m in hard days for study. But I’m going on training in forests with maps,too. I train on trail with map from Yamashina station to University in the early morning and run on road in midnight. Now we can see super beautiful KOYO in Kyoto!


2005/11/11 WUOC2006 website

I found WUOC2006 website.

Check it out!


2005/11/08 IC Long

I ran IC Long ME Challenge last Sunday. I wasn’t good in shape and I missed so much, but my result was 1 minute ahead of Yuya Takahashi who won in the ME class.

Mmm…, I thought the course type of ME was “climb and run” one when I first saw the map. So, the most important thing was physical capacity I think. But there were some kind of tasks including route choices, attacking in the green, following ridges, and so on. Especially, attacking 1st and 2nd were little bit difficult. It’s no doubt that many were wondered there.

See the map with my route and the results.


2005/11/03 Hakuba Photo UP



2005/10/30 JAPAN RANKING

My rank is 8th place in the latest Japan Ranking. This is the highest position for me. To get a chance to run the selection race for WOC2006, I have to push up my rank more and more. So I will do the best training in winter.

The next target is Higashiyama 36peaks mountain marathon. That will be my first trail-running race. After that, I will be a dark side student.

I decided that All Japan Championship in YAITA will be my come back race on March 26, 2006. I will 見せつけてやるぜ my best paformance !!


Check it out!!

Brigitte Grüniger

Shigeyuki Koizumi


2005/10/23 Kyoto Univ. Comp.

I got it!! I won the race today in men’s elite class. I’m very happy because it’s my first victory in men’s elite class in Japan. The terrain was so tough (steep!) and the course was like cross-country running except the leg 15-16. I missed only few times (total 2-3 minutes mistake), so I won. The result is here.


But from now on, I’ll be a crazy hard worker in my Laboratory. So I’ll not be able to enjoy my orienteering life continually. It’s not my opinion, but it’s my resolution. I will run only 3 races until the end of 2005. Next year, I’ll be back in orienteering scene. In my plan, the start of the next year will be the race “All Japan Championship”.


Oooops, Sorry I didn’t have time to report of Micr-O. The Micr-O is so fan for me. But I think it’s too early to be introduced in a race. Because it’s only popular in Nordic elites. We Japanese have never done before. Please give us more and more time to practice Micr-O!!



Sandy Hott Johansen’s thought about Micr-O.


2005/10/14  This Weekend

In this weekend, I will do "Micor-O" training in a part of Japan National O-Team training camp menu. I have never done "Micor-O" training with emit. I'm looking forward to doing that. Next week, I will report that on this page.

"Micor-O" will be introduced in a race on trial in next year's WOC. Here is the top elite runners' thought of "Micor-O".


Check the site from orienteeringtoday.


2005/10/07  Check it out!!

Runners’ Site

Sandy&Holger Hott Johansen(CAN&NOR)

Lea Müller(SUI)

Matthias Merz(SUI)

Trail-run Hasetsune


I run on trail from Yamashina station to the university. The trail-run section is 20-30mins. Total 200m up hill and 1 hour running. Through the root, I run near some temples. Bisyamon-do, Nanzenji, shinnyo-do, and so on. It’s so nice to run (of course it’s good for walking)!! I feel so good when I run through the forest. That’s my favorite trail-run training. But I think it’s short for the training of long distance races. Now I’m planning to get in games of trail-run from now on. And of course to do orienteering. So I need more training in the forest. That’s the first thing I have to do.


2005/10/06  No training, no life.

I have to do my work in lab(Darkroom) so hard in this week. Yesterday, I didn’t any training for orienteering. No training, no satisfaction. I will buy and use head lamp (more luminance) for night trail. So I will do everyday-training if I have little time to do something.


2005/10/04  Renewal open!

This is my New Homepage. Stay tuned!! I will write the report of my daily trainings, O-Races, and O-Life in Japan (also in abroad).

Now we have a news from Italy WC final. Shigeyuki Koizumi and Mikiko Minagawa have qualified the Middle race and go to A-Final. Fantastic!! Check the site of WC final in Italy and the Live results.

Today: 40mins jog (little bit tired today.)






Borneo & Mt.Kinabalu

New Year 2006



WC in UK

PWT & Training camp 04