Tetsu "Tex" Toyo's Profile


That's all about the things of Tex.
It's Tex.
Where do I live
Chiba, Japan.
Family who I live with
Wife, a daughter and my parents.
What do I do
Teacher for special education
Music (Instruments) what I play
Euphonium, Trombone, Percussion, Sanshin (Okinawan Shamisen), Eisa (Okinawan celemonial drum dance)
My Favorite Musicians
Shokichi Kina, Brian Bowman, Frederick Fennell, Yoichi Murata, Shoichiro Hokazono, Tokyo Kosei Wind Orchestra, Begin, The Boom
Countries where I went to
Australia (NSW, VIC, ACT, QLD), USA (from San Francisco to New York City by Bus!)

Tex photos with great musicians!
With saxophone legend Nobuya Sugawa.
With saxophone legend Nobuya Sugawa.
at the AIR JAM 2000
I join Shokichi Kina and the Champloose' live performance with 30,000 audience at AIR JAM2000!
with Kosei Wind Orchestra
a photo with Tokyo Kosei Wind Orchestra at the Friendship party.
with Dr.Brian Bowman
with Dr.Brian.L.Bowman.
with Kyle Turner
with Kyle Turner, a tubist for New York Philharmonic.
Playing Duet with Aussie Tubist
Playing Uber's Duet with Aussie Tubist Wally Pope at Deniliquin NSW, Australia.

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