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My daughter with my new euphonium WILLSON TA2900 :March 2005
My daughter plays my new euphonium WILLSON TA2900. (March 2005)
She said "Oooh" through the instrument that time.

Tex PICS Box
Toyo Tex's wonderful Photos

my car corrola wagon
my former car Toyota corrolla wagon made in Japan.

Flower arrangement Flower arrangement
Japanese Ikebana.

My dog My dog My dog
My dog GOEMON.

Playing golf with Kangaroos
Playing golf with Kangaroos in Anglesea golf course Victoria, Australia.

Playing Duet with Aussie Tubist
Playing Uber's Duet with Aussie Tubist Wally Pope at Deniliquin NSW, Australia.

With Aussie Kids
The last day of me as an exchange teacher at St.Michael's School in Deniliquin, New South Wales, Australia.

Tex as a conductor
Tex as a conductor at Tama Highschool OB wind band concert.

Tex at Okinawa
At Nago Okinawa, Japan at the beautiful beach in front of American Base.( Left: my friend Wata, Right: Tex)

Tex at Okinawan castle
At Okinawa, Japan at old castle "Gusuku". In okinawa, Castle is the place of Praying.

Tex as a dancer in front of UN building, NY
Tex as a dancing Okinawan EISA in front of UN building, New York, USA.( December 9, 1998)

My Notebook PC MSI Megabook.

Tex's daughter plays Sanshin - OKinawan banjo
Tex's daughter plays Sanshin - Okinawan musical instruments.

At my first recital At my first recital
Toyo "Tex" plays solo with Mikey(piano) and great euphonium soloist Kozo Takeuchi.(November 2006)