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My new euphonium WILLSON TA2900
My new euphonium WILLSON TA2900BS/GP Dr. Brian Bowman tested model.

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YAMAHA YEP641 2002-2005 My former Euphonium. YAMAHA YEP-641 with Goldbrass bell model specially made for Euphoniumists of Japanese Self Defence Force Bands.
WILLSON TA2900BS/GP 2005- My new Euphonium. WILLSON TA2900 Made in Switzerland. Designed for Japanese export with large shank mouthpiece receiver. Dr.Brian Bowman tested horn.
A Baby Euphoniumist! 2004- My daughter Kanako, A Baby Euphoniumist.

Tex's Euphonium Photos

Tex with Dr.Brian Bowman.
Tex with Dr.Brian Bowman. (May 2004)

Tex and Woodzy with Mr.RB.
Tex and tubist Woodzy meet The Tuba Maestro Mr.Roger Bobo at Japan Euphonium/Tuba Festival 2005(December 24, 2005)

Tex with Mr.Hideo Nihei.
Tex with Mr.Hideo Nihei principal euphoniumist at JGSDF Eastern Army Band. (August 2004)

CD The Sacred Euphonium.
My "Bible" signed by Dr.B.Bowman ( I bought the CD in 1990 and got signed in 2004)

With famours Tokyo Kosei Wind Orchestra
With famours Tokyo Kosei Wind Orchestra at Friendship Party. You can find Maestro Frederick Fennell at percussions! I played charming pieces with Dr.Fennell and Tokyo Kosei Wind Orchestra! ( I played Trombone there. 1991)

My mouthpieces
My Trombone/ Euphonium Mouthpieces (I sold most of them by YAHOO auctions. )

At Ensemble Joint Concert
Tex plays "Bugler's Holiday" 1st solo euphonium at Nogiku Plaza Ensemble Joint Concert 2004 (November 2004)

At Sakura Brass Festival
At Sakura Brass Festival playing Holst's Second Suite and Shostakovich's Symphony No.5 (November 2003)